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Dr. Victoria Michaels-Jefferson is an Apostolic Prophetic Voice to the Nations. She is a voice of hope and power to today’s generation. As an author of several books, a songwriter, and a passionate worshiper, she is a transformational leader, a trailblazer, trendsetter, a dynamic teacher, an inspirational conference speaker, and a mentor to leaders. Most importantly, she is a woman who genuinely loves the Lord and desires to give God the best at all times.

Dr. Michaels-Jefferson is the Founder of Glorious Ministries Worldwide, Vice President of Mercy Tabernacle and the Senior Pastor of Tabernacle of Praise Churches. She is the host of Prophetic Voice Television Broadcast aired through the Omega Channel South Africa, U.S. FOX 45 and CW 20 in Maryland, The WORD Network and Streaming Faith seen across all cities in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Continents of Africa.

 Dr. Michaels-Jefferson has developed programs on evangelism, mission and education. As the President and instructor of Adullam School of Leadership Training (The Gathering of Eagles), her Christian education classes are geared towards raising leaders with integrity. She has served as an advisor to leaders who were seeking to make changes in their organizations and ministries and has helped them develop strategies to be successful in their efforts.

Dr. Michaels-Jefferson has received several awards including: An Honorary Doctorate Degree for her outstanding work in the community. She has been featured in magazines and has appeared as a guest on television and radio programs both nationally and internationally. She is an accomplished author of several books such as: I am my Father’s Daughter, 100 Wisdom Nuggets for a Successful Destiny, The Power of Agreement and her newest book, Overcoming Life’s Challenges. She has also written and produced several albums including Miracle and Simply Worship.

Dr. Michaels-Jefferson travels globally with her husband Bishop Bank Jefferson delivering spiritual truths that transforms lives in an effort to incites passion within people to pursue their God-given destiny.

Dr. Victoria Michaels-Jefferson depends solely upon the Word of God and the Holy Spirit whom she calls the Lover of her soul.



I Am My Father's Daughter


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Victoria Michaels-Jefferson, Apostolic Prophetic Voice to the Nations

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